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Until recently, the placement of secondary schools was done manually and it have had some negative effects on schools. For instance, the delay. In the manual placement of secondary schools may lead to one losing a chance of being placed serve. With manual system of placement data is labour intensive and time consuming. This is because of the volume of data on which routine last are performed. Is relatively very large.            
This result in accuracy and slow processing. The data that is being manipulated must be reliable and this requires a reliable system. This intensifies the need of providing sophisticated machine that will help in the processing for convenience. The system with its advance features. In stronger, processing, retrieval makes the processing very easy. With the aid of computer system retrieval and editing of document and all problems of the manual processing will be a thing of the past.
1.1    STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM            
This project is aimed at enhancing the process of placing secondary schools. The processes involved in the process are still been done manually and the manual way of placement has some negative effects as follows.
1.    The manual system retrieval and storing very slow and difficult.
2.    Usually data is labour intensive and time consuming. This is because the volume of data on which routine task is performed is relatively very large.
3.    There may be omission of information.
4.    There may also be loss of vital information
1.2   PURPOSE OF STUDY            
The purpose of the study is to enhance the placement of secondary schools to various place to serve by the use of a web based computerized system rather than the manual system that makes work difficult to identify the problems of the existing system.            
To provide solution alternatively to the operations inherent to the existing system and to design a new system that will take care of the problems of the existing system.
1.3       AIMS AND OBJECTIVES            
The primary aim of this project work is to study the existing system of placement of secondary schools and produce a computerized web based design for automatic processing. Therefore, the objective of this is set out to achieve involves the following:
1.    To review existing literature on secondary schools.
2.    To offer useful recommendation on how to improve placement of secondary schools.
3.    To examine the relevance of adopting a computerized automatic processing.
4.    To identify the means through which the recommendations can effectively be implemented by the directorate.